Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Call of the Hungry Dead: DedEx Delivery

Here I have a non-Necromancy/non-Giovanni related deck(One of my rare few) but it's terribly cute, although not always effective. It has won some games though, so it does work if a bit of luck is on your side. It's a Nosferatu Antitribu Courier deck! I'm also the only person in Singapore crazy enough to use Leech as the main card of the deck! But well, as I said, it makes for hilarious moments.

Deck Name: DedEx Delivery
Created By: The Necromancer

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 16, Max: 24, Avg: 5)
1 Christanius Lionel ANI OBF pot 6 Nosferatu Antitribu
2 Olivia OBF POT vic 5 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Agatha obf POT 4 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Nigel the Shunned ANI obf POT 5 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Gerard Rafin ani for OBF POT6 Nosferatu
1 Cicatriz ani obf pot 5 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Ox ANI OBF POT 6 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Tock obf pot pre 4 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Ingram Frizer ani pot AUS OBF6 Nosferatu Antitribu
1 Gemini ani OBF obt pot5 Nosferatu
1 Shannon Price ani obf 3 Nosferatu Antitribu

Library: (90 cards)
Master (16 cards)
1 Sunset Strip, Hollywood
2 Society of Leopold
6 Vessel
6 Perfectionist
1 Lilith's Blessing

Action (29 cards)
4 Psychic Veil
8 Horseshoes
17 Leech

Action Modifier (14 cards)
6 Cloak the Gathering
6 Veil the Legions
1 Lost in Crowds
1 Faceless Night

Combat (15 cards)
6 Torn Signpost
6 Slam
3 Immortal Grapple

Ally (16 cards)
1 Young Bloods
15 Courier

Primary Oust Method:
The deck simply starts off my recruiting as many Couriers as possible. Now these Couriers start off as mere paperboys, but soon start growing into FedEx or UPS. Once you've gotten a Courier or two, the Leech shenanigans begin. The idea is that a Courier uses Leech to steal a blood from a vampire(usually your Predator but can be used on your Prey if necessary), and then untap, gain potence, and Bleed your Prey for 1. If blocked, used Veil the Legions or Cloak the Gathering to help the Couriers along. You'll find that that Couriers soon start getting fatter than your own vampires(Who will probably be low on blood, so make good use of Perfectionist to refill them). Swarm bleed your prey while throwing junk at your Predator's vampires such as Horseshoes and Leech. If the Couriers find themselves in combat after having Leeched previously, they can use Torn Signpost and Slam to beat an unsuspecting vampire for 4 damage. If you happen to draw an Immortal Grapple, you can even call it "I'm Mortal Grapple!" as the initially 0 Strength but fat Courier suddenly hugs an opposing vampire and beats it into submission. The Potence combat cards are also helpful if your !Nosferatu get stuck in a combat.

Secondary Oust Method:
None really, ummm you could try to mill your prey's library away using the Couriers' ability, but that isn't going to do you much good is it?

Plan C:
Zilch, Nada, Zip.

-Multi-acting, multi-purpose allies make for a big irritation to your Predator and Prey at the same time.
-Sunset Strip coupled with Perfectionist gives you a Courier essentially free.
-Use Society of Leopold to take advantage of all the Leeching going on and burn annoying vamps.
-Psychic Veil comes in VERY handy for important turns when you have a barrage of actions to perform, which is basically most turns.
-Young Bloods complements this deck well as it can effectively remove 3 blood a turn using Leech and its built-in ability.
-The ability of the Couriers to mill away the top card of your Prey's library can be critical at denying crucial cards to your Prey. Never forget to look at the top card when you Bleed successfully.
-Cute factor!!!! XD

-Prone to hand getting jammed on Leech if there are no Couriers around to use them.
-Can't block at all, considering that the Couriers have -1 intercept blocking vampires, and your vampires don't really want to be in combat.
-Combat defence for your vampires is nonexistent, basically all you can do is smash hard and pray that you take the opposing vamp with you.
-Pool gain mechanisms are not great in this deck, and with no intercept and no bounces, you're depending on keeping your Predator's vampires starved of blood.
-Problems against large capacity vampires who don't spend their blood, unable to throw enough junk at them.
-All bleeds are for 1. You are depending on numbers to oust.


  1. I've also been brainstorming ways to utilize Leech (which is actually a rather difficult card to come by in large quantities, since it was only printed in KoT, a large set, and it was an Uncommon meaning only 1-2 copies per box).

    Ultimately, I think the best option is to go with Marijava Thuggees. You can Leech to steal a blood, untap, and then use your inherent Thuggee damage action. Plus the Thuggees can use Obfuscate to get both actions through. There's a pretty reasonable selection of Group 3/4 Black Hand vampires with Obf/Pot, who can also use a couple of Horseshoes for further damage.

    Another okay option might be to tag on a Leech module to a Nephandus (probably with Antonio) deck. Gives the Nephandus extra life. Might be amusing to see your Nephandi Disarm the opposing vampires

  2. Ah yes I did think of the Thuggee route. The problem is that they cost pool instead of blood, and you'll need a fair amount of Black Hand vampires out.

    You could try it though. Perhaps Leech might also work with a Bima deck?